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The Problem Management Loop: Why You Don’t Want a Solution

Restart and repeat. It’s not a permanent solution or even a good one, but it can be the difference between an incident and a problem. The ITIL/ITSM Blogger explains what he calls the “problem management loop,” and why it’s different than an incident.

Incidents have a solution. When a system fails the root cause can either be identified as affecting one user or numerous users. If the cause is only one user, a solution can be determined and the technique to reach that solution is recorded.

However, if the incident affects several users, it might be the result of one or more incidents. In that case, there’s not always a resolution. At least, there’s not always a resolution that management is willing to approve. Different factors like price, effect needed, downtime, and risk will determine if the solution is worth it.

If it’s not, simply eliminating the system, working around it, or just plain resetting and hoping for the best is the way to go. There’s no such thing as a perfect operating system, and sometimes when faced with failure the best thing to do is dust yourself off and start again. 

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