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The Dance of the Project Manager: Improve Your Company by Letting Go

Looking to improve your dance skills? Project management might be the place to start. That’s what the Taiwanese dance company Cloud Gate discovered with a performance of their new routine “Rice.” At first glance, “Rice” is little more than a group of dancers leaping across the stage. However, Roger Chou points out that it’s actually the result of four decades of work, which all started with company founder Lin Hwai-Min distributing the work like a true project manager.

Mr. Lin created an arts management team, which divided the operation of the dance company into three parts: performance of routines, training of the artists, and promotion of the dance. While these three areas overlap, they also leave enough room for each division to really concentrate on specific tasks that need attention. It also leaves Mr. Lin free to do the choreography that inspires the company, and that job is more important than having absolute control over every area of the production.

It doesn’t matter if you’re putting on a performance or developing a new IT system, both fields are creative. Both deserve a leader ready to implement program and portfolio management. Handing over the reins doesn’t have to mean losing control. It just means allowing each person to concentrate on creating an award-winning production.

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