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Short and Sweet Equals Success for PMOs

Prepare to curb your power and put away the high-tech language. Cyndee Miller offers these unique pieces of advice to PMO directors everywhere. If a PMO director wants to be successful, Miller suggests thinking like an executive.

Executives ask direct questions and come up with concise answers. If you can describe your strategy in fifty words or less, you’ll have a much easier time implementing it. Don’t worry about your solution being fancy or sounding super professional, because the simpler the plan, the better luck you’ll have carrying it out. Successful PMO’s have three things in common. They create a project management culture at their organization, they continually evaluate the PMO’s performance, and they’re always evolving through change management.

Yes, these last three things will sometimes we simpler than others, but remember to keep it short, keep it practical, and base your solution on as few metrics as possible. Short and sweet equals success.

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