Risk Management

Prevent Fire Fighting with Risk Management

If you could choose between continual fire fighting and eliminating daily disasters before starting your project, the choice would be obvious. However, when organizations skip risk management, they are setting themselves up for a time consuming battle with daily disasters. Dick Billows explains how risk management, and therefore fire fighting, can be taken care of in a simple and quick process.

Assemble a meeting with all stakeholders and the sponsor, and have everyone quickly identify a list of possible risks. Only then is it time to analyze the risks. Rank them as low, medium, or high depending on the probability of happening.  Finally, concentrate on finding solutions for those high probability risks, but don’t bog the team down with the details of the lesser ones.

You can’t completely eliminate all risks, but by preparing for that major problem or two, you will be starting your project on secure footing. Be prepared for those daily disasters, and you’ll find that fire fighting isn’t the time consuming process it once was.    

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