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Mythbusting: An Inside Look at Remote Working

To anyone who fears that remote working makes it too difficult for a project team to forge a strong bond, just remember the old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder. An interview at Hanno with Marcel Kalveram, a remote technical lead for JUNGMUT, delves into why remote working is not so scary a proposition at all. Kalveram says the biggest misconception about remote work is that people think they are going to lose control of the project when everyone is spread apart, but the success of online freelancing platforms has discredited this notion. It is the big challenge of team members to earn each other’s trust, but once that trust exists, hitting deadlines becomes almost no more complicated than it would if you were all sitting in adjacent cubicles. This is especially true now that Skype has become a go-to tool for chatting away effortlessly with teammates across time zones.

Remote working actually increases productivity in that, for instance, Kalveram answered these interview questions while on a train in Barcelona. Not being confined to one desk means being able to do work from nearly anywhere at all, and since your productivity is measured by outcome instead of hours spent working, you will work that much harder to make sure you are being as efficient as possible. To me, it sounds like Kalveram is saying that you will start to streamline your workload to do the most work in the shortest time. As for managing potential risks, he says it is best to “over communicate,” always alerting teammates to new concerns as you find them. In fact, lack of communication in itself tends to be a major form of risk for remote working. But sharing new ideas in addition to concerns is also made very easy with social media.

The way Kalveram paints it, remote working sounds like a pretty nice gig, as long as you remember to always update your teammates. Build trust, share ideas and concerns, streamline your workload, and take a train through Barcelona. Those are the steps to success in working remotely.

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