How to Get Them to Love Your Project

There are days when accepting another project from your boss is like battling a many-headed hydra that lives within your cubicle. Battling that monster is not only exhausting, but also completely unnecessary. Barbara Shannon reminds us that project managers have the power to earn love for their projects, by soothing the savage beast that is multi-tasking and concentrating on just one thing.

It might sound impossible, but sometimes you just have to say no. If you have the sinking feeling taking on another project is going to result in failure, tell your boss so. Multi-tasking not only diminishes the quality of the end product, but it also decreases the business’s ability to enjoy the results.

Shannon points out that one of the reasons the Apple stores are so successful is because they sell only a few products at a time. Customers can then really concentrate on exploring the features of what’s currently available. Refusing to take on another project at any given moment doesn’t mean that project can’t be accomplished eventually. It just means you’re choosing love of the project over the many-headed hydra.

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