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Double Check those Deliverables! How to Achieve Complete Project Closure

Save all your files and sign the last forms, because your project is finally finished. But not so fast! Before you hand over complete control, make sure you have project closure. This is the critical part of the process where neglected details cause deliverables to fail short. Kevin Sequeira has a checklist for delivering a project that’s not just finished, but complete.

First, are all deliverables delivered? This might sound like a no-brainer, but now’s the time to check all documentation. If there’s no proof of customer acceptance, you need to assume it didn’t happen or double check with your customer. Have you conducted a lessons learned session? It’s going to be harder to schedule one once the project is delivered and contact with the client becomes less frequent.

Are all training issues completed? If your customer doesn’t know how to use their new system, your job isn’t over yet. Finally, make sure you have a formal project acceptance signoff ready for the customer. Only once there is a signature on every dotted line will you achieve complete project closure.

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