Don’t Let IT Become Your Biggest Supply Chain Risk

Nothing will stop your business, neither wind, nor rain, nor sleet, nor…IT failure? Unfortunately, unexpected weather conditions are no longer the number one reason for supply chain disruptions. Instead, it’s IT failure. Never before has IT risk been so closely tied to supply chain, proving the CIO has his work cut out for him in brand new ways. Michael de la Torre offers a few IT questions your organization should be asking the vendors.

  • Availability: What is the level of data availability and how is it ensured?
  • Maturity: What is maturity of the vendor’s business continuity and disaster recovery plans?
  • Security: How are the vendor’s physical and virtual environments protected against unauthorized personnel and cyber-attacks?
  • Integrity: How do you know the data is correct?

Don’t let IT be the weak link in the supply chain. The CIO should be checking up on all vendors. Even the smallest supplier can cause a chain of reactions that impacts the whole company.

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