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Don’t Break Your Back Over Scheduling! Quality Checks for the PMO

A schedule is more than matching dates with tasks. A schedule is the backbone that supports the project, and one weak component can cause the whole skeleton to collapse. Andrew Makar suggests 14 quality checks to ensure your schedule has the strength to survive.

One of the first checks is a logic check, which looks at missing successors and predecessors in the project. If the task is an orphan, out of place without a preceding or follow-up task, you might be following some faulty logic. Also check for hard constraint tasks, something that has a “must finish on” or “must start on” date. High duration tasks should also stand out on the schedule. The number of tasks expected to last longer than 44 working days should not exceed 5%. Check for missed tasks, enough resources, and invalid dates. There are many components to an effective schedule, don’t let one loose piece be the straw that breaks the project’s back.     

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