Challenges Facing the CIO in 2014

Challenges Facing the CIO in 2014Don’t get left behind by the competition! Start preparing for next year’s innovations today with Patrick Gray’s tips for the CIO of 2014.

It starts with lights-out IT. Outsourcing is nothing new, but improved technology and cloud computing is making the idea of a simplified IT department more practical than ever.

Next, make plans with your new best friend, the CMO. Marketing is now tech-based and a major IT customer. It’s increasingly important for IT to understand marketing needs, as the CMO may be calling the shots in 2014.

Make sure one of your changes isn’t losing valuable employees. With the economy on the up-swing in 2014, companies may begin to see a talent migration of IT workers. If your organization can’t offer higher pay, make your positions valuable by offering career advancement and interesting work.

As IT continues to change, organizations are going to ask if the CIO even matters any more. Show them why the position is as relevant as ever. The CIO should not be the person called in just when something goes wrong, but leader who devises strategies and offers guidance for the future.

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