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Why Great IT Leaders Aren’t Mythical Creatures

Is there one magical career move that can help you advance in the IT world? Unfortunately, no; but that doesn’t stop Amy Arnold of  from advising IT leaders to run with the  unicorns. Finding an IT engineer that has the courage to point out flaws in the plan and navigate unfamiliar territory, even when she lacks the answers, is as rare as a mythical creature. However, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exist.

Will this magical leader have all the answers? No! But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t carry her own weight, and make sure others are carrying theirs as well. Also, she should be continually adding to her skill set. You can’t be an expert on everything, but never stop exploring the possibilities. If your knowledge base isn’t expanding, the IT world will leave you behind. So don’t be that fleetingly spotted unicorn in the distance, be a real IT leader to your organization right now. Strong leadership is a form of magic in its own right. 

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