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Update ITSM with Continual Service Management

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s continually changing. An intelligent IT organization will take a long hard look at their ITSM, and figure out what needs changing before they’re caught unprepared. Renewal of ITSM is referred to as continual service improvement, and it’s not a process you should implement every once in a while, or just when you feel like it. Professor P. Ross S. Wise suggests you look for ways to update your ITSM as frequently as the changing of the seasons, if not even more often. These five areas are a good place to start.

  1. Review your strategy
  2. Refresh your service catalog
  3. Shuffle your CAB (Change Advisory Board) membership
  4. Refresh your incident and problem models
  5. Review your measurements and metrics

Take your cue from the changing leaves, and look for ways to brighten your ITSM process. IT is going to change whether you’re ready or not, but hopefully your organization is better at predicting the future than the average weatherman.

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