The Truth Behind Successful CIOs

If you want to persuade your audience, you need to tell them a story. No, not a lie, or even an exaggeration, but a true story that drives home the point of you pitch and gives it an emotional resonance. This insightful advice comes from best-selling author and entrepreneur Seth Godin, who wrote an article on being a leader that promotes change. Facts, statistics, and research will only go so far in persuading an audience, when what they want to hear is a story. Preferably, it will be a story that speaks of the future.

Godin’s second piece of advice is to always take responsibilities for your actions. IT leaders often complain about not being given the go-ahead to pursue new projects, but they then blame their boss for giving them permission when the project fails. If you want to be given independence in the future, start taking responsibility now. In fact, give your boss due credit when the project goes well. This has nothing to do with stories. It’s just telling the truth, and if you repeat it often enough you will find success as a CIO.

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