Starbucks CFO Picks up Tech, Supply-Chain Roles

Businesses make bold moves in the ongoing effort to stay competitive. As Alissa Ponchione writes for CFO.com, Troy Alstead of Starbucks has been promoted to CFO and group president of global service. He was previously CFO and chief administrative officer. This change now places Alstead in control of both global technology and the supply chain. He wants to buck the trend about CFOs foregoing useful projects for the sake of cutting costs, saying CFOs should be “supporting, enabling and driving growth through technology, through decision support, through the financial-analytical team.” Ponchione says Starbucks has always viewed roles as “fluid,” and perhaps this fusing of traditionally separate roles may be of benefit to other businesses as well. The supply chain is like the veins of the company, and under the supervision of people who control the other vital organs, opportunities for greater gains and more alignment start to become possible.

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