Retail Supply Chain Sustainability Needs a “Hub”

Is Columbus, Ohio the promised land of sustainability? Yes it is, according to an article by Sean Adkins and Kate Fisher. They argue that supply chains need a literal hub for sustainability innovation and motivation, like Silicon Valley is for the high tech industry, and that Columbus might be just the place. One reason why is that Columbus is home to several major retailers such as Big Lots and Abercrombie & Fitch. Another reason is that Columbus has had a “Get Green Columbus” initiative going for the past eight years already. Incorporating a business-slanted initiative into that existing framework would not be so difficult. Sustainability means minimizing the effects of business on the environment and society while tapping into resources that are not likely to disappear. But as the authors note, several issues incurring risk arise, including, “the resilience and effectiveness of political systems, concerns about global climate change, rising populations, food and water scarcities, pollution, human rights, waste, and much more.” Maybe ideas born at Columbus can cut through this and lead the way toward a cleaner and more efficient tomorrow.

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