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Putting People Before Processes

Putting People Before ProcessesPeople aren’t computers. People make mistakes, and it’s usually these human mistakes that cause a computer system to fail. Roger Williams suggests that if ITSM isn’t working for your organization, it might be time to look beyond the process to the people implementing it.

He has devised a chart which shows the concept of People Being People. Basically, it means that people are flawed. They forget things, break rules, and make all kinds of mistakes. This isn’t going to change. However, people are still the most valuable part of your organization. Remember that processes don’t execute themselves, nor do tools have any power without someone to use them. Therefore, people are the head of the triangular hierarchy that includes executing and employing as its two branches.

Be prepared for your perfect idea of ITSM to be affected by the people. This isn’t only natural; it’s also healthy. It will help you figure out what parts of ITSM are and are not working for your organization.

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