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Match Your Metrics for Happier Customers

It’s always frustrating to find inconsistencies in your metrics, but it’s a downright disaster if these inconsistencies are only discovered after the metrics are published. To prevent this from happening, Ryan Ogilvie suggests some areas that might be causing your numbers to not line up.

Reporting Issues: Suppose your leadership team is insisting there was a large system outage at the beginning of the month, but your monthly report doesn’t show any problems. You then look back and discover the outage actually started on the last day of the previous month. Always double check your reports.

The Right Things: Your report might be 100% correct, but if it doesn’t contain the information your audience wants to know, it’s not doing anyone any good.

Customer Disconnect: If you handing off a monthly customer report that shows your application was up 99% of the time, but the report doesn’t include a consistent login problem you didn’t know about, whose fault is it? Your first reaction might be the customer, for not tracking the problem, but it’s also yours for not communicating the need to express these issues.

Overall, there could be many reasons why your metrics aren’t matching up, but if you start with checking these problem areas; you’ll find your reports lead to higher accuracy and happier customers.

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