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How to Squeeze the Value out of ITIL Training

We all want the biggest bang for our buck. Less training, more doing. Less transition, more enjoyment of the end goal. However, many IT organizations aren’t even meeting their end goals, and they’re having trouble figuring out why. Paul Wilkinson of GamingWorks wrote a guest blog spot for Forrester, explaining how to get the most value out of your ITIL (or any other kind) of training.

He points out that most companies have gotten very good at educating employees, but they have trouble putting the theories into practice. This is partly due to treating ITIL like it’s the end goal instead of a process. Based on Paul’s research at an international IT conference, 85% of attendees claimed to be using ITIL but less than 5% could define what a service was.

It’s clear that training does no one any good if the basics are simply glossed over. Wilkinson says: “A service is a means of delivering Value to customers by facilitating Outcomes they want to achieve without the ownership of specific Costs and Risks.” The word “value” is important because you need to approach training much like other IT processes, with your return of value in mind. Also, think beyond the traditional forms of training. Try a simulation to transfer theory into practice. Overall, an evaluation is important, not just to check if you’re on the right track, but to ensure you reach the end goal.

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