From Sea to Shining Sea: How Manufacturing Has Gone Global Again

China is no longer the undisputed king of manufacturing, as other Asian countries and North and South America get back into the manufacturing game. Sean Kilcarr writes an article about the implications per information that has come out from the 20th Annual Survey of Third-Party Logistics Providers. One reason why Chinese manufacturing is dwindling is because its workers’ wages are rising, while places like Vietnam and Sri Lanka are comparatively cheaper. Another reason is that manufacturing locally just makes good business sense in some cases. The type of trucking demanded will change as supply chains go more local, with less port trucking and more cross-border trucking at the US-Mexico border. North America is in fact expected to become the second-fastest growing region after the Asia-Pacific in the next few years. As Kilcarr notes, “Lieb’s survey found a similar strain of optimism among North American 3PL CEOs who, despite the sluggish U.S. economy, have their sights set on growth – expecting their companies to increase revenues by an average of 14.6% over the next three years.” Manufacturing is coming back, and the future looks bright.

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