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Does Anyone Read or Act on Your ITSM Reports?

Are ITSM reports really doing anyone any good? Not if all you’re doing is reporting, says author and IT expert Barclay Rae. If no one is acting upon or even reading the reports, it’s time to stop reporting and start doing something more productive. What would be more productive? Barclay suggests customer-based service reporting, based around service bundles. Or, if that’s not possible, just concentrate on improving your IT reporting internally.

However, “bundling” is an important concept to consider, as a way to combine certain IT functions for optimal service quality and customer satisfaction. For instance, the Service Desk “bundle” could include telephony, incident and request handling, customer satisfaction, and other metrics. But different bundles would include different metrics. While the bundling solution may not solve all your problems, it’s an excellent first step toward improvement.      

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