Project Management

6 Types of Ineffective Project Managers

Nobody likes a pessimist, but few acknowledge the equally detrimental effects of optimism. A successful project needs a manager that isn’t too pessimistic, too optimistic, or too much of anything else. Terry Corbell identifies the six types of ineffectual project managers, and why their defining qualities should be avoided.

  1. The Yes-Man: Always saying yes leads to major decisions that jeopardize the whole project. Sometimes, the manager needs to bring up potential problems and say no.
  2. The Micromanager: Let consultants do their job. The manager’s job is to call a meeting or otherwise ask for more information, not try to do the consultant’s job for them.
  3. The Procrastinator: If the manager leaves certain details until the last minute, the client will begin to lose faith in the eventual delivery.
  4. The Know-It-All: Intelligence is important, but not as important as calling in the experts when they’re needed.
  5. The Pollyanna: Pollyannas will often push an optimistic outlook, but the right decision isn’t always the one that made people happy early in the early stages of the project.
  6. The Pessimist: At the same time, a project manager should acknowledge when a team has done well. A good project manager will know the right moment to be optimistic, pessimistic, and everything in-between.

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