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Why the Computer Hacker is Your New Best Friend

hackerThe 21st century has learned to fear the computer hacker. The very word conjures up images of a neon glowing screen in a dark basement, a place for criminals, spies, and other secretive evil-doers. Pablo Garcia claims this isn’t the case. Hollywood has taught us to fear the hacker, one with the ability to bring down a large corporation in just a few short keystrokes. Instead, we should embrace the hacker as someone who exposes new knowledge to the world, keeps us on our toes, and pushes us to make the innovations of the future.

In fact, Garcia proposes that hackers have been around for centuries, long before the computer was ever invented. As far back as the 1600s, scientists such as Galileo and Johannes Kepler were publishing information they were told to keep quiet. The result was a scientific revolution. Without it, we wouldn’t have the technology of today.

Right now, we may not be able to see past the hacker as anything but a nuisance that causes serious risks for our organization. However, it is the response of the organization as it deals with potential threats that will make or break the IT world of tomorrow.  

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