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Why MDM and ITSM Need to Play Nice

Mobile device management (MDM) is bound to become a big part of IT in the future. Already, many companies have begun bring-your-own-device (BYOD), as a way to give employees increasing independence and the opportunity to work where they want with the device they want. But what does this mean for ITSM? Darren Williams of ComputerWorld.com looks for answers.

If your company uses a process-based ITSM program, every step of the process will need to be used with MDM in mind, and we haven’t even touched on potential security risks. However, these minor setbacks shouldn’t alarm you. BYOD is being used for a reason. With specific policies in place, MDM can empower employees and ITSM administrators alike, attracting new talent to an organization that encourages employee choice. In addition, ITSM and MDM together can create communication and smoother workflows that make everyone happy, increase productivity, and lead to a newly efficient organization. Wouldn’t you want your IT department to be the start of something like this? BYOD is coming whether you’re ready or not. Now is the time to prepare.


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