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Strategic Alignment to Harmonize Business Execution

planets alignWe've all heard that strategic alignment is necessary. Many may have different opinions on how to accomplish it. But that’s not what Pearl Zhu’s article from is about. Before we talk about executing strategic alignment, it is important to understand what it really is.

Strategic alignment is the process of creating sub-goals from the main corporate goals. Break it down to a smaller level. Figure out what your department can do to further your organization’s main strategy.

Strategic alignment is the process of ensuring all work is toward the common good. Every corporation can turn their main goal into an action or actions. Once you figure out what these are, make sure everyone else knows also.

Strategic alignment is more a result than a process. Look at the processes you currently have. Are the results consistent with your company’s strategic intent? Is every person acting in a way that is consisting with your company’s strategy? Does everyone even know what your company’s strategy is?           

Zhu says that strategic alignment is like a choir. Everyone sings their part, but together they harmonize for a more beautiful song. Find your strategy and spread the word. It might give you something to sing about.  

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