Mapping the Chaos of Megacity Supply Chains

You can stand atop the highest building in Beijing and see if you can figure out how its supply chain works, as I presume was how they did it in the nineteenth century, or you can just use some maps whipped up by MIT recently. Tyler Falk writes at SmartPlanet about how MIT’s Megacities Logistics Lab used collected data to create maps of the supply chains of major cities like Beijing and Rio de Janeiro. The idea is to understand how traffic flows in a city so that city planners and their ilk can better build and create around these patterns of traffic. The alternative is to continue building without any knowledge of how these chains interact, paving the way for a world where tractor trailers are outfitted with spikes and nitro to blast their way to their next destination at any cost. You know, actually a world of trucker overlords sounds kind of cool. Maybe ignore MIT’s maps.

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