Project Management

Leaders Need Vision, Managers Need Objectives and KPIs

When you have a goal, it’s necessary to devise a strategy to reach that goal. You can’t expect your dreams and desires to just fall into your lap. However, many project managers do just that when they neglect to establish key performance indicators (KPIs). Des Kirby of  PM Hut claims many businesses forgo the established objectives altogether. This may seem a little extreme, but in some cases companies are so busy dealing with the issues at hand that they don’t plan for the future. Ultimately, this makes dealing with the daily issues more difficult, because problems arise that could’ve been prevented by establishing a strategy.

To save yourself time in the long run, establish objectives early on. First ask yourself what the vision for your company is. Then come up with a strategy to get there. Your objectives are the key points that help you work on that strategy. They are the five or six daily goals that help keep the company on track. Make sure they are specific. Make sure they are detailed. Make sure you also have a couple financial KPIs. Armed with objectives and KPIs, your dreams and desires won’t fall into your lap. But you will reach them slowly and surely.  

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