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ITIL Will Win Your Team the Super Bowl

It’s football season once again, and if your favorite team isn’t starting off strong, it may be time to pull out your favorite jersey and your ITIL pocket guide. If you don’t understand what ITIL has to do with football, Professor P. Ross S. Wise has the answer: he claims that IT companies become successful in the same way that football teams reach the Super Bowl. There may or may not be Gatorade involved, but there is always a strategic plan, a tactical plan, and an operational plan.

When the team is forming its strategy, it will identify changes that need to be made and analyze how well they did against the rest of the league; this is like problem management and benchmarking. When the coach reviews statistics, those are the KPIs. And who are your biggest fans? Well, they should be your customers. So the next time you’re sitting down to a little Sunday night football, forget the lucky socks and brush up on your ITIL. It might just win you the Super Bowl.      

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