Risk Management

Is There an Increasing Risk in IT Failure?

Risk management is a growing concern among IT professionals. If we want to nip those potential problems in the bud (and there are more of them than ever these days), the first step is to understand the source of the risk. Technet.com offers five reasons why your organization needs an excellent risk management team.

Not only is business more dependent on IT, but the entire IT environment is more complex. The increasing number of desktops, servers, and connections means the item count in the infrastructure is going up. Meanwhile, the scope of the infrastructure technically remains the same.

In addition, IT directly manages less of the infrastructure. Outsourcing certain services can be a good thing, because the specialists are usually better equipped to keep that part of the system from failing. However, this is still a factor to take into consideration when handling risk management.

Finally, there is less time between failure and impact than ever. The 24/7 contact that most organizations maintain through websites and other sources, makes any failure immediately noticeable.   And it’s not only visible to your employees; it’s visible to the world. Don’t be the company that customers move on from because your IT service is unreliable. Risk management is important for all these reasons and more. 

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