How Big Data Is Changing Football

When you reduce a sport to something as cold and hard as data and statistics, you might expect to lose fans in the process. Not so, says Thor Olavsrud of In fact, putting big data in the hands of fans everywhere may be one of the biggest things to ever happen to football. Fantasy football has added a whole new element to the game. It’s a human element, one that provides information for everyone and lets the fans become the coaches.

The increasing technology makes football more personal to the average fan. It creates a level playing field where it is no longer just the experts that have the inside scope. It also presents a new kind of creativity, where the knowledge becomes more than just columns and lines on a screen. It becomes visual and even artistic in a whole new way. Big data is not just changing football. It’s empowering a whole new generation of fans. Imagine if your company did the same with its data. Putting power in the hands of the customers might just inspire loyalty that makes everyone cheer.

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