Project Management

Five Simple Steps for Conquering a Big Project

Are you having trouble starting that project that’s been looming over your head? The skill you’re missing is motivation. But don’t give up hope just yet, Michelle Symonds of offers five tips to help you become more productive.

First, identify your obstacles. Find what’s keeping you from getting started, and then get advice from someone who has dealt with a similar problem. Perhaps they can give you tips on what to do first.

Second, know your objective. This will prevent you from wasting time researching a lot of information you don’t need. Once that time is gone, you’ll never get it back.

Third, know when to stop. Perfection isn’t even a possibility, so know when to let certain details go. Sometimes it’s out of your hands.

Fourth, reward yourself along the way. When you accomplish a certain milestone, take a night off. You deserve it, and it will increase your productivity the next day.

Finally, turn insecurities to your advantage. Sometimes the fear of disappointing others is the greatest motivator of all. Motivation isn’t just a driving force. It’s a legitimate skill to work towards. If you find yourself struggling, it might be time to take some of the above tips.

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