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Building a Better Project Team One Step at a Time

high scalePeople aren’t just one small aspect of project management. The people of your project team are everything, and without them the work would never be done. Start treating them like you know it and you might just find your job easier as well. Kevin McGaffey and Rob Beckmann wrote an article for, giving the project manager 10 tips to improve relationships with the people of the project. Some of the tips include:

· Knowledge is more important than documentation

· Over-communication is better than under-communication

· Treat the stakeholder as part of the team

· Remember the team is part of the planning process

· Reward individual and team performance regularly

If you attempt to accomplish the steps above, you are already well on your way to completing two of McGaffey and Beckman’s other points: building the right work environment and removing obstacles to team performance. While it might not be easy or even possible to complete all these steps right now, attempting to understand and help your team in every way you can is vital to long-term success. Reward your team, and your team will reward you.

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