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Why ITIL® Certification is Perfect for IT Project Managers

superIn the past, project managers didn't see much of a reason to delve into certifications that dealt with services. This is one reason why many project managers didn’t (and don’t) have an ITIL certification. But Abhinav Kaiser doesn’t quite see it that way. According to Kaiser, there isn’t much of a reason why IT project managers should avoid getting an ITIL certification.

After explaining the simple differences between project and service (projects have a start and end date, whereas a service generally only has a start date), Kaiser goes on to explain the benefits of an ITIL certification. Namely, that ITIL knowledge can help project managers more intelligently handle projects wherein service is part of the project plan. Furthermore, having both project management certification and ITIL certification can make a project manager more valuable and flexible in the current IT environment. Truly it’s a skill that a project manager couldn’t go wrong in achieving.


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