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Using Earned Value Management: the Myths Exposed

real boyEarned value management is just one of many project management techniques. However, Glen B. Alleman argues it is an important technique that is often overlooked for 11 key reasons. This might seem like a significant number of reasons not to adopt earned value, but as Alleman explains these issues might not be as big as the organizations think they are.

For instance, many believe that special IT tool-sets are required. This isn’t true. EVM is 85% processes and people. Don’t be discouraged by tool vendors with costly solutions. EVM should not be too expensive to implement. Most organizations assume this without even organizing a budget or knowing their estimated cost of completion.

Also, don’t assume that your company is too small or the program is too big. Not as many people are required to administer EVM as you might think. There are many plug ins, free forms, and other cheap tools you can use to optimize your current workforce.

The bottom line is: don’t talk yourself out of Earned Value Management until you have done your research. It may just be the project management technique your company has been waiting for.

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