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U.S. Workers: Better, Faster, Stronger

“U.S.-based workers show more initiative and are more innovative and more understanding of the business than offshore workers, a new study that looks on sourcing services in the U.S. has found.”

That's the premise of this article by Patrick Thibodeau found on InfoWorld. Those qualities, according to the article, are the reason that domestic IT services are on the rise. The research found that 83 percent of respondents (made up of 235 enterprise buyers of $1 billion or more in revenue) attributed hard work to U.S. workers over the 79 percent response attributed to offshore workers.

While that seems like a slight margin, the difference becomes far more vast when respondents were asked who had more initiative. The survey found that 82 percent of respondents believed U.S. workers to have more initiative, where as only 33 percent found offshore workers to have the same initiative.

The strength of U.S. workers in innovation and initiative, along with visa problems and a push to use cloud based services seems to be swinging the desire to hire back inside the U.S.

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