Project Management

Top 10 Skills Great Project Managers Have

Remember when technical and traditional management skills were the deciding factor of the perfect Project Manager?  Those days are gone.  Meredith Levinson argues that there are 10 new capabilities that the next generation of IT leaders should develop, and none of them are technical terms.  In fact, what she looks for in a project manager might surprise you.

1. Emotional Intelligence

2. Adaptive Communication

3. People Skills

4. Management Skills

5. Flexibility

6. Business Savvy

7. Analytical Skills

8. Customer Focus

9. Results-Orientation

10. Character

This by no means takes away the need for technical training.  However, today’s companies are more likely to hire project managers whose strengths are the above characteristics, but still need more experience in management.  The argument is that these “softer” skills are more difficult to learn.  In a world that is increasingly customer oriented, it’s not enough to just have the information.  Communication is just as important, and the project manager who has both will be unstoppable.         

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