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The Reality of Real IT

toy You may know IT to mean the basic use of technology and information to operate an organization.  It could also mean being a supplier and provider of IT services.  However, these functions make up just two of the many layers of IT today. Rob England, however, has a different view of IT, which he refers to as “RealIT”, which he explains in a post found on IT Skeptic. 

As England explains, The first layer is the users of IT services.  Then there is the “RealIT,” which operates as a sourcer and integrator of services.  This is followed by outsourcers and resellers who supply IT to organizations.  The actual IT products and services are the very bottom layer. 

The order of the layers is not as important as you think.  Rob England separates these layers to show us that the IT world has come to mean many different things.  IT today is about balancing these layers, while keeping the true meaning of each in mind.              

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