Knowledge Management

The Power of Knowledge Management

powerIt has become a universal truth that knowledge equals power.  Thus, the companies with a firm handle on their IT knowledge management will find themselves ahead of the rest.  However, despite its importance, many companies struggle with KM. 

Liam McGlynn’s article sheds light on the importance of KM, and how companies can achieve excellence in this area.  He says that KM is integral not additional, and one of the main challenges of integrating knowledge is making it readily available to everyone.  One of his key points is that centralized authorship doesn’t work, so the KM workflow must be flexible to support distributed authorship.

The monolithic approach to KM is dead.  In its place are different knowledge management standards to draw from including the ITIL approach or the knowledge centered support (KCS) approach.  However you decide to handle KM, McGlynn encourages us to remember that the knowledge will only increase as the contributors do.   Share the responsibility of the management, and watch the knowledge grow.  

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