Reinventing the CIO as Chief Interaction Officer

What does the “I” in CIO stand for?  Most CIOs think of themselves as Chief Information Officers, but Eric Berridge suggests the “I” in the title should stand for something else.  What would happen if the Information was changed to Interaction?  Don’t do away with all your knowledge, but use it to communicate with the other members of your team.   

Begin by telling everyone you’re the Chief Interaction Officer, and let them know that you are always available to get the information they need.  Encourage interaction by visiting members of every department.  Then build a socially-enabled mission control center, so that all departments can interact without waiting for you as a go-between.  Imagine the powerful collaborations of employees who have the option to chat Facebook-style with each other about any problems they face. 

Finally, work with the CMO.  Today’s CMOs might have the latest technologies, but you have the expertise to put these technologies to good use.  With your help, not just the CMO, but the entire team can finish the project quickly and efficiently.


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