Penn State Wins Football National Championship…on a Computer

Penn StateThe idea of a college football playoff has crossed the minds of many a college football fan—and for good reason: in the current system, teams are selected based off of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) standings, which are “formulated by two polls and six computer rankings” as described in an article by Larry DiTore on However, that didn’t stop football fan Michael Sedor from trying out’s flash playoff simulator.

Sedor went with Penn State as his chosen team (like any smart fan would, I’ll add) and let the program do it’s analytical calculations: and as it turns out, Penn State made it all the way to the championship game—against the Florida Gators, and won!

Sure, there won’t be a college football playoff anytime soon, but through a bit of programming and clicks, Sedor experienced at least a touch of the excitement that such a playoff would bring.

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