Risk Management

IT Risks—Present and Future

lookoutThe Ghosts of IT Risk Present and Future are here courtesy of Tommie W. Singleton at ISACA. In an article, Singleton examines two surveys about risk. The first is from AICPA, which lists the Top 10 Technology Initiatives according to responses from CPAs and CITPs. The results are divided by public accounting and relation to business and industry, and the list is available to read at the full article. The second survey is the IBM Global Risk Survey, which shows in 2010 that 66 percent of those polled would rate their IT risk mitigation as “good to expert.” It further goes on to reveal that IT security, hardware malfunction, and power failure top lists of current risk issues. Sources of future emerging risks include social networking tools, mobile platforms, and cloud computing. There is a notable shift away from infrastructure currently occurring, though whether it is because infrastructure is excelsior or because things like SaaS are shifting the focus away is uncertain. In either case, check out the numbers behind both surveys and compare how their risks compare with yours. Is your organization ready for the future these numbers seem to broadcast?

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