Project Management

How to Become a Better Project Manager: Quick Tip

Good project management puts the people ahead of the project.  Of course, this includes the customer, but a common mistake is to overlook other stakeholders.  In the haste to please one group, don’t overlook others.  A good project manager will communicate with all parties involved.  Anton van den Berg identifies these different stakeholders as:


•Vendors and Suppliers


•The Project Team and Performing Organisation

•The General Public

Now you might be thinking this sounds like an overwhelming amount of people.  Don’t be alarmed!  The bottom line is to keep the project success in mind.  Then translate this into an open but unique communication with each group of individuals.  Berg pictures the project management team as the platform of the project.  This platform not only holds up the project manager, but it also provides something for each group of stakeholders to latch onto.  When managing a project, remember to put the people first.  Each group is important in the bigger picture of project stakeholders.

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