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Don’t treat your project management information system like a garbage can!

garbageProject management is not always benefitted when a company decided to consolidate in a project management information system (PMIS).  But with proper training of employees and behavior changes help to aid in reaping the benefits of the solution. If the data is not improved then the outcome can be even worse than before the process changed.

So what are some tell-tale signs that your PMIS is ailing?

  • If a view of staff utilization shows that most people are over allocated to an unnatural extent (i.e. more than 150% allocation on a weekly basis) or don’t appear to be allocated to anything
  • If project status updates on active projects are missing or are more than a couple of weeks old
  • If a spot check of the schedules for key projects reveals multiple tasks whose planned start or end dates have passed without any progress reported against them
  • If risk registers or issue logs are overflowing with generic or low severity items and finding a key issue or risk is harder than a needle in a haystack
  • If projects are shown as being active which are known to have been completed or cancelled and/or no data exists for projects which are known to be active

Read the original post to see some potential causes of the symptoms.

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