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Customers Are Not Your Top Priority

notPleasing the customer should never be at the top of your list.  In fact, according to Rob England, pleasing the customer should always fall below doing what’s best for the company. How can he say that?  He points to railroads to explain himself.  The goal of the railroad when shipping freight is not to cater to the customer’s every whim, but to ship the goods in the most efficient way possible.  Railroads don’t waste time or money laying new tracks or figuring out new routes just to please a customer, instead they do what’s best for them.  When they do what’s best for them, they are also helping the customer save time and money. 

Sometimes the best thing to do is just say no.  It is always good to listen to your customer’s needs and provide good service, but sometimes the most successful companies in the world are the ones that put their needs first.  To keep down costs and ensure a long lasting company, listen to your customer, but be prepared to tell them why your way works best.

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