An Interview with CSCMP’s Rick Blasgen

Supply Chain Nation has conducted an interview with Rick Blasgen, CEO of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, on the state of supply chain management. Blasgen says one of the CSCMP’s biggest changes in the last five years is a shift toward core competency. They are able to generate revenue quicker and provide new services for customers. Comparing economies, he notes that logistics expense in the US is 8.5 percent of the GDP, which is actually much lower than that of countries like India and China. Blasgen notes that one major reason why manufacturing jobs need to come home in the US is because the labor rate gap between the US and China has diminished. The $140/barrel cost of oil is another factor. Countries outside the US tend to have much more infrastructure and are also more insulated as a result, though globalization and modernization will come for them in time as well. Blasgen hopes to bring best practices to the world to create the lowest costs for everyone.

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