Why are Large Organisations so Bad at Business Continuity

weakUsing a personal example of  not being able to watch a favorite series, Jamie Tichener explains how poor business continuity can mean the difference between a delighted customer and one who is looking for another provider. Tichener is thinking, in particular, of how RBS and Lloyds TSB had issues with their IT systems, leading to difficulties for members and overall outrage through every UK paper.

The damage (past a service being interrupted) is clear: reputation, conpensation, and fines can soon follow, and these are enough to cause a wide sweeping impact on the organisation as a whole. Tichener believes that a business continuity management is the key. Using the proper ISOs can help mitigate these risks and reduce the overall impact of business continuity problems. While it may seem trivial to some organisations who haven't yet experienced a big disruption like RBS, it can become painfully clear after the fact that a penny of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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