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Utilizing Teamwork in Project Management

boomThe A-Team, the X-Men, and the Expendables are all groups of people with unique skill sets who come together to serve the common good. If you too want to follow in the footsteps of great minds such as Mr. T and Sylvester Stallone, teamwork is the ticket. A post from Six Sigma Online talks about how best to utilize teamwork with your project management. By being mindful of what each team member brings to the table, you can assign them the tasks that fit their particular abilities. Explain why you think a person will do so well at the task that has been assigned in order to encourage them to succeed. Efficient workers mean you will be able to enforce a strict timeline, only building in enough flexibility for unforeseen miscommunications and errors. Also remember to listen to and collect the diverse opinions of your workers through the life of the project, as their ideas might contribute something very valuable. Many eyes leave few blind spots. In managing this way, with teamwork always in mind, you maximize your chances for success while simultaneously preparing your team to spring into action should anything go wrong. Your team will be a lot like the Expendables after all.

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