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Timing is Everything When Setting Up PMOs

clockProject management offices (PMOs) can cause more harm than good if you do not go about setting them up the right way. Kiron Bondale writes an article about how timing affects whether or not your PMO will ultimately be useful. Traditionally, committed executive sponsorship and sustained funding come to mind when developing good PMOs, but timing is important too, in that an organization that tries to implement a PMO too quickly will probably devise a pretty lousy PMO. Organizations whose employees do not already have a firm belief in the value of project management will clearly not use a PMO for all of which it is capable. When people do not want to change, it is an uphill battle all the way. Furthermore, having to report to a PMO may just make life more difficult for project managers when their team members are held to different, less complicated forms of accountability. Explore the original article to read Bondale’s detailed list of prerequisites for what determines when it is the right time to set up a PMO.

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