Project Leadership

Six Ways to Give Proper Project Leadership

pullLeadership is a mix of giving away power and assigning responsibility. Furthermore, leadership also entails knowing when to listen and when to act. This article by Dr. Keith Mathis explores six ways that a leader can give proper project leadership in a project team. The list includes:

  1.  Creating an atmosphere of trust
  2. Building the right team
  3. Spelling everything out for the team in the beginning of the project
  4. Monitoring and giving feedback
  5. Keeping comunication open
  6. Keeping the end goal in mind at all times


The creation of a trusting evironment where ideas and concerns can be voiced is crucial, as it enables every team member to, at times, become a leader. It strenghtens the resolve of the individual to fix problems and address opportunties. In that sort of environment, positive and strong leadership is sure to occur.

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