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Does ITSM Still Have Relevance in the Empowered Business Tech Era?

businessA recent survey between itSMF-USA and Forrester showed that organizations are still having difficulty with demand management. In a blog post featured on Forrester, Tim Sheedy expresses both anguish and surprise that years after the first ITIL books came out, organizations still can’t manage to bring demand management above and immature rating.

He believes it’s due to S in ITSM:

 For the most part, organisations have not yet defined what the actual technology-based services are that they deliver. If I put my suit in to be dry cleaned, I care that it is cleaned and available when I was told it would be available. I don’t want to pay over the odds; I don’t want it to be dirty when I pick it up; and most importantly, I don’t want someone else’s suit. I don’t care who they ordered the dry cleaning fluid from – I don’t even care what sort of dry cleaning fluid they use. I don’t care about the machine, the booking system or anything else in the process. ITSM tends to have its head stuck in the details, ignoring the actual service that the customer receives or wants.

But Sheedy sees hope: with the empowered business technology era in full press, ITSM will be able to position itself as a guide and catalyst to the business—not just an IT specific process.

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