A Pulse on Social Networking for Supply Chain Management

If your idea of social networking consists exclusively of college kids getting hammered and posting their bad decisions online for the world to see, it is time to update your way of thinking. Adrian Gonzalez writes about social networking as a vital tool for supply chain management moving forward and breaks down the various roles it plays. To begin, social networking is not just about mingling, but about facilitating communication and collaboration, which, as Gonzalez notes, is exactly what supply chain management requires in spades. Social networking can be any website or software that connects people, not just Facebook or LinkedIn, and Supply Chain Operating Networks are even starting to come into play as a means of connecting trading partners. Yet at this early stage, Gonzalez finds that almost 62 percent of professionals polled are in companies that have not implemented a social networking solution yet. All the same, he believes in just a few years, “social networking in business” will not be a term anymore, and instead will just become part of business as usual.

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